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Working With Orders Of Protection And Restraining Orders

Restraining orders and orders of protection can play a significant role in the family law and divorce process. These orders can provide needed protection for abused spouses who may otherwise feel incapable of pursuing their futures and freedom. Unfortunately, some people abuse restraining orders and orders of protection by turning them into a tool to take the upper hand in divorce proceedings.

At The Law Office of Gabrielle S. Davis, P.C., in Oak Park, Illinois, I commit myself fully to the effort of protecting men, women and children in physical danger. But, I am equally committed to protecting the rights of individuals who have been unfairly accused of violence, and I will work to hold people who abuse the system accountable.

You Have Power — You Have A Choice

Tragically, there are women who want to separate themselves from an abusive husband but feel that they cannot take the chance of putting themselves or their children in danger. If you have finally reached the point where you need a divorce and want to work with a lawyer who will help protect you, I can help.

I will seek an immediate restraining order as part of an initial filing for divorce, potentially allowing you to keep initial possession of your home and property while the divorce proceedings take place.

Restraining orders and orders of protection are designed to help prevent spousal abuse. They are not tools for taking the upper hand.

I also work with men who have been unfairly targeted by a restraining order or order of protection. The unfortunate reality is that some people misuse these protective orders to cheat a spouse out of a fair property division and child custody agreement. I can put more than 20 years of experience and an effective family law practice behind your case.

Talk To A Lawyer You Can Trust

Accusations of domestic violence can dramatically change a divorce proceeding. Whether you need to seek a restraining order or order of protection upon filing for divorce, or you feel you have been wrongfully named as an abuser, I can work with you.

Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case, your needs or your safety by calling my office at 708-628-5102. Or, contact me online to set up an in-office appointment.

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