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A Prenuptial Agreement Removes The Uncertainty, But Not The Romance

Frequently, there is a practical necessity to take reasonable steps toward protecting assets, investments, income, inheritances and property before marriage. After all, in the eyes of the law, a marriage is a form of contract between two people where you are not only professing an emotional bond, but a financial one as well.

Having a prenuptial agreement in place can be a tool that allows you and your partner to reach a full understanding of how any property or money might be divided in the future. At The Law Office of Gabrielle S. Davis, P.C., in Oak Park, Illinois, I work with clients throughout the western Chicago suburbs, to create effective and enforceable agreements designed to protect you today and into the future.

Making Important Decisions Before They Become Expensive Disputes

Prenuptial agreements are not about trust, or lack of trust. They are about the opportunity to make crucial decisions about future property division at a time when you and your partner aren’t already embroiled in a divorce dispute.

The people who seek a prenuptial agreement are no more counting on the certainty that they will file for divorce as people who get health insurance are banking on the certainty that they will become seriously ill.

For clients with significant assets or who have endured a painful divorce in the past, it may simply be a way to provide a greater sense of security for the future.

With more than 20 years of experience handling a wide range of family law matters, my office is prepared and equipped to help you create a strong agreement that can give you that sense of security.

A Strong Prenuptial Agreement Is Like A Sound Insurance Policy

When you need a reliable, experienced and effective lawyer to properly create enforceable prenuptial agreements, contact my Oak Park or Oak Brook-area office online or by phone at 708-628-5102. I can help you make sure that your property, assets and future are protected.

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