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Life Changes May Require Post-Divorce Modifications

A divorce agreement is designed to meet the needs of individuals at the time of divorce and anticipate any reasonably foreseeable changes in the future. However, sometimes substantial changes occur after divorce that makes the agreement impractical or ineffective. Post-divorce modifications may become necessary to make changes to divorce agreements months or years after the divorce became final.

When you need to seek a post-divorce modification, I can put more than 20 years of family law experience, personalized service and a results-driven attitude to work for you. At The Law Office of Gabrielle S. Davis, P.C., I work with clients on post-divorce modifications that will address changed circumstances.

A post-divorce modification may be as amicable or as conflict-ridden as the original divorce proceedings. It all depends on whether the former spouses agree on the changes.

Post-Divorce Modifications To Child Support Or Child Custody Agreements

A change to an existing parenting plan or child support orders may be sought when there is sufficient evidence of a substantial change in circumstances. Among the kinds of situations that can give rise to a post-divorce modification are:

  • Significant changes in income such as pay cuts or promotions
  • Involuntary reductions or changes in employment
  • Disability or serious changes in the health of the parent or child
  • Increase in a child’s financial needs
  • Evidence of abuse or neglect
  • Relocations and removals

I know the kinds of situations where a post-divorce modification is reasonable to pursue, and I avoid putting my clients into unnecessary litigation when it is not. I also understand the necessary procedures that must be used to pursue a post-divorce modification in court.

My approach to post-divorce modifications and all family law conflicts is based on more than 20 years of experience as a lawyer in the Oak Brook area. I have handled all aspects of family law, and I put a priority on being a true advocate for my clients.

Discuss Your Changing Needs And Post-Divorce Modifications

Call 708-628-5102, or contact my office online, to schedule a free initial consultation. I will evaluate your situation and guide you toward the appropriate next step. If that involves pursuing a formal post-divorce modification in court, I can put my experience as a veteran litigator to work for you.

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