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Property Division Archives

How can social media posts hurt your divorce case?

blonde-texting.jpgSocial media has quite literally taken over the world. According to adweek.com, 2014 social media user statistics show Facebook to have 1.28 billion active users, Twitter 255 million, Instagram 200 million, and Pinterest 40 million. Many social media users readily communicate with their friends, followers and complete strangers by posting updates, sharing opinions about various subjects and uploading photographs. While, for the most part, social media sites are used for benign purposes, individuals who are divorced or going through a divorce would be wise to use caution when posting and sharing anything via a social media website.

Study finds women fare better emotionally post-divorce

Super Woman.jpgCouples choose to get divorced for a number of reasons. An individual may marry too young or too soon after meeting someone, financial difficulties may drive a couple apart, a spouse may cheat or spouses simply grow apart. Whatever the reason, divorce is often the best option for all involved parties. This doesn't, however, diminish the fact that the divorce process is full of challenges.

During a divorce, how are an Illinois' couple's assets divided?

Scales of Justice.jpgDivorce is a legal process through which matters related to a divorcing couples' assets, debt, property, personal belongings and children are decided. While on a personal level the divorce process is highly emotional, it's important to understand the legal aspects of the divorce process and how divorce laws can impact the outcome of one's divorce settlement. 

How are pet custody matters decided in divorce?

Many married couples with and without children consider a dog or cat to be part of the family. While the family court system is highly involved in child custody matters, the same can't be said when it comes to pets. In fact pets are regarded as property in divorce proceedings and therefore the distribution and ownership of a pet is handled much the same as a piece of furniture or artwork.

Billionaire's fortune at stake in prenuptial agreement dispute

While we often discuss and promote the many benefits of the collaborative legal process, deep-seeded disputes between some couples make pursuing a collaborative divorce impossible. The divorce between Citadel hedge fund founder Kenneth C. Griffin and his wife Anne Dias Griffin, provides an example of a high-conflict and complicated divorce and seems poised to turn into a lengthy courtroom battle.

Husbands and wives often juggle traditional roles

Forty or more years ago, the collective societal view of a traditional marriage consisted of one man, one woman and two or three children. The dynamics of this traditional family were also fairly predictable with husbands working outside of the home and acting as breadwinners while wives stayed home to take care of children and tend to the home. Fast forward to today and U.S. society has a much more broad definition of a traditional American family.

Take action to prevent a soon-to-be ex-spouse from accessing digital accounts

In this digital age, cyber crimes related to identity theft and breached financial accounts and data are frequent. While an individual can take steps to protect personal and financial digital accounts, doing so can be difficult when facing or going through a divorce.

Older couples divorcing at breakneck pace across America

The so-called "baby boomer" generation is known for their positive contributions to society, including a strong work ethic, cultural revolutions (like the beatnik generation, and rock and roll, among others), technological and scientific advancements and pioneering medical breakthroughs. They are now gaining attention for another issue, though, and this one certainly isn't as positive: their record high divorce rate.

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