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Understanding Collaborative Divorce And Its Benefits

At the Oak Park, Illinois, Law Office of Gabrielle S. Davis, P.C., I am a trained collaborative divorce lawyer who strongly believes in the effectiveness of the collaborative divorce process in the right circumstances.

In more than two decades spent practicing family law, I have seen almost every type of dispute imaginable. The collaborative divorce process would never work for some couples. For other couples, collaborative divorce wouldn’t work but divorce mediation might be effective. And in other cases, circumstances are such that the divorcing spouses must bring their battle all the way to divorce court.

As a veteran of divorce litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), one of the most valuable services I give to my clients occurs at the first or second meeting. I describe the various types of dispute resolution options, get information from my client to help me understand his or her goals and the family dynamics, and then recommend a way to proceed — via either a collaborative law divorce, divorce mediation, negotiation or litigation in family court.

Working Together To Reach Agreement

In a collaborative divorce, spouses approach the divorce process as a team instead of as adversaries. The spouses agree they will hire collaborative divorce lawyers and they agree to not file for an adversarial divorce. To reinforce this agreement to work as a team, the spouses also agree that if the collaborative divorce process fails, they will hire new attorneys. The agreement to hire new attorneys reinforces the collaborative mindset for both the spouses and the spouses’ lawyers.

As another aspect of the collaborative divorce process, the divorcing spouses agree on neutral experts to advise them on certain aspects of the divorce. “Expert sharing” reduces cost and emphasizes the spouses’ desire to create a divorce agreement that is fair and in everyone’s best interests. These experts might include property valuation experts to advise on division of marital assets and child development experts to advise on developing a parenting plan.

The main benefits of the collaborative divorce process include:

  • The collaborative process tends to reduce conflict for families in crisis, whereas divorce litigation can intensify the crisis mode.
  • A collaborative divorce can help both spouses maintain solid relationships with children of the marriage, who will benefit from seeing their parents working together to resolve their differences.
  • Collaborative divorces tend to be less expensive than divorce litigation because attorneys’ and experts’ fees are lower.
  • A collaborative divorce may be faster because the spouses agree at the beginning of the process to freely provide all financial documents necessary to complete the property settlement agreement and child support calculations.

A full-blown divorce trial can cost tens of thousands of dollars. A collaborative divorce can be completed at a fraction of that price.

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I offer all potential new clients a complimentary, in-office consultation. If you have questions about collaborative divorce in Illinois, or questions about other forms of alternative dispute resolution in family law cases, I can help.

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