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Guiding Oak Park And Oak Brook Men And Women Through Divorce

There is no easy way to describe what your divorce experience will be like. People walk through the door of my Oak Park, Illinois, office feeling a thousand different emotions, from betrayal to anger and sadness to relief. There is no set way of dealing with a divorce; the approach we take will depend on the circumstances of your situation.

Being a good divorce attorney has as much to do with working to build strategies and approaches designed around your situation as it does to arguing in front of a judge or being a strong negotiator. I am Gabrielle S. Davis, and as your divorce lawyer, I will work to be a true advocate for you.

That means that I employ a comprehensive set of skills and strategies, all focused on getting results that are best for your particular situation. Contact my Oak Park or Oak Brook law office today and schedule a free in-office consultation.

Results-Focused Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes a drawn-out divorce is unavoidable, but I always work to keep the process moving forward and toward achieving your goals. I believe in the power of negotiation, and I can use strong alternative dispute resolution and mediation strategies to come to an amicable settlement. But I can take matters to court if that would serve your objectives best.

My office represents clients from all walks of life in Oak Brook, Oak Park and the surrounding areas. We are equipped and able to address the needs of clients who have significant assets to divide such as a closely held business, extensive real estate holdings or complex retirement accounts.

Make sure the divorce attorney you hire has the experience and proven ability to fight for you in and out of the courtroom. I work to resolve your divorce so you can get back to the business of your life.

I also provide coaching for clients who want to avoid the traditional adversarial system of divorce and explore the advantages of mediation. I am highly trained in alternative dispute resolution strategies, the mediation process as well as collaborative divorce.

Work With A Proven Oak Park Property Division Attorney

Call 708-628-5102, or contact my office online today to schedule an appointment at my Oak Park or Oak Brook location to discuss your divorce and how I can help you take steps toward a favorable resolution and a new start.