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Paternity And Unmarried Couples

At the Oak Park, Illinois, Law Office of Gabrielle S. Davis, P.C., I regularly provide legal representation to mothers and fathers, many of whom are not married, in matters involving paternity, child support, and visitation and custody rights.

My Oak Park law office offers a supportive and protective atmosphere for unmarried parents from throughout the Oak Park area to receive legal advice about their parental rights and responsibilities. As a paternity lawyer, each individual client works directly with me and receives the benefit of my 20 years of family law experience.

Unmarried couples have the same child custody and visitation rights as married couples, and even greater rights when it comes to child support: One can request child support starting from the date of birth. For more information and to schedule a free in-office consultation, contact my Oak Park law office today.

Paternity Information For Unmarried Mothers

For unmarried mothers, the importance of paternity is to establish who the biological father of the child is so that you can get the child support you are entitled to by law. Child support calculations in Illinois are based on set percentages of the noncustodial parent’s net income. Some deviations from the statutory child support guidelines may be possible, depending on the amount of shared parenting time, the parents’ relative income and the needs of the minor child or children.

My goal when representing unmarried mothers is to help them retain custody of their children, set reasonable parameters for visitation time with the father, and receive regular financial support within a solid structure supported by law.

Unmarried mothers should know that the fathers of their children have a legal right to parenting time with their children. This parenting time may take the form of regular visitation or shared custody. I can represent you in negotiations to work out a manageable child custody and visitation agreement that can be filed with the local family law court.

Paternity Information For Unmarried Fathers

Unmarried fathers should know that they have rights as well as financial responsibilities toward their children. Unmarried fathers have the right to visitation time with their children. If you want to apply for shared custody, I will help you file the necessary paperwork and represent your position in negotiations with the mother. If you wish to fight for sole custody based on evidence that the mother is unfit, I will provide advice and counsel on this type of child custody dispute.

If you signed a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, you are presumed to be the legal father unless you file a challenge within 60 days or unless fraud relating to paternity occurs within two years of the child’s birth. Many fathers sign the acknowledgment of paternity form without understanding the long-term importance of the document.

A Knowledgeable And Trusted Advocate In Paternity Matters

I offer all potential new clients a free, in-office consultation. If you have questions about paternity or about the rights and responsibilities of unmarried parents, contact my law office and make an appointment with an experienced paternity lawyer. Call 708-628-5102.