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Protecting Your Parental Rights And Relationship

For the legal issues surrounding child custody and visitation, you need an experienced legal advocate working hard on your behalf.

As of January 1, 2016, Illinois courts no longer recognize “custody” in Illinois. Instead, the court will determine which parent is responsible for decision-making in four major areas of a child’s life. Who will decide where the minor child goes to school or any other educational decision? Who will decide about the religious education if any your child will have? Who will make decisions on nonemergency medical matters? Who will decide what extracurricular activities your child will do?

At The Law Firm of Gabrielle S. Davis, P.C., I bring a wealth of experience to these matters and also have experienced them personally. As a certified mediator and experienced child custody lawyer, I am ready to take any necessary course to protect and enforce your parental rights.

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Understanding Child Custody And Visitation

As of January 1, 2016, we no longer use the term visitation. Instead, we use the term “parenting time.” For my clients in the Chicagoland area, I handle a broad range of issues related to child custody or decision-making and parenting time, including:

In cases involving child custody and visitation, I provide clients with thorough and efficient representation. I represent unmarried parents in custody disputes, along with assisting in creating parenting agreements during divorce proceedings. In these difficult times you need an experienced advocate. I am an experienced litigator as well as a certified mediator.

Modification And Enforcement Of Existing Agreements

I skillfully represent clients seeking to have an existing custody agreement modified due to changes in living situations or finances. In these cases I do whatever is necessary to protect a child’s best interest. I work closely with clients to determine whether their custody or parenting situation has undergone sufficient changes to qualify for a modification. Agreements may also be modified when a child’s current surroundings place him or her in danger or simply when they are no longer in your child’s best interests.

Sometimes an agreement works fine for both parties and simply needs to be enforced. In addition to modifications, I represent clients seeking to have an existing visitation or parenting order enforced. These cases arise due to a number of circumstances, including a situation where one parent fails to return a child to his custodial parent on time after visits.

Aggressive Representation In Removal And Move-Away Cases

As a certified mediator and experienced child custody attorney, I am ready to assist you in pursuing your right to move. I have been very successful in past cases of pursuing removal, including one case where a parent was moving outside of the United States. Judges will take into account whether the move will lead to an improvement in a parent’s situation, and therefore benefit the child.

Committed To My Clients’ Best Interests

I look forward to discussing your case with you. Contact me today to schedule a free initial consultation. I have locations in Oak Park and Oak Brook.