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Visitation and Covid 19

The Covid 19 Pandemic has changed our lives as we know it and caused massive confusion as to existing Visitation Agreements. Many parents question whether they need to follow prior Visitation Orders in light of the crisis. They also don't know how to escape Domestic...

Ending the Visitation Blues

Are you an every other weekend parent? Does saying goodbye to your kid on Sundays after visitation physically hurt?5 Ways to Avoid the Sunday Evening Blues.1. Fight for as much time as possible with your child. Maybe you didn't expect this divorce. You didn't see it...

Six Ways to Make Visitation Easier.

1. Have your kids' clothes and belongings ready before visitation or the beginning of your ex's parenting time. If dad or mom doesn't have clothes at his or home, pack your children's clothing in advance. Even if there are clothes at the other parents'...

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