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Illinois Legal Separation

Do you want a Legal Separation but are not ready to file for Divorce? Illinois Law was changed in 2016. You can now get a Judgment for Legal Separation in Illinois which will give you more of the benefits of Divorce but not certain key provisions. Here are the pros...

Covid 19 and the Divorce Courts

The Pandemic has upended life as we know it. How has it affected Courts hearing Divorce and Custody Cases?In a big way. Some Courts remain physically shuttered until early July of 2020 which is true in Cook County, Illinois which encompasses Chicago, Illinois and...

How to Start a Divorce in Illinois

Starting a Divorce in Illinois begins with filing a "Petition for Dissolution of Marriage".One of you must file. You can't file jointly. One of you has to be the "Petitioner" and the other has to be the "Respondent".Where do you file?In the County in Illinois where...

Divorce and Taxes-What you Need to Know Now!

Going through a Divorce. Tax time is just around the corner. The recent changes in tax laws affect you in a big way. Here's what you need to know now!1. The TCJA of 2017 repealed the Alimony Deduction effective January 1, 2019. You won't be able to deduct your Alimony...

Dividing Credit Card Debt in Divorce

One of the biggest problems in Divorce Cases in Illinois is dividing Credit Card Debt. Don't think that because you have a credit card in both names, it will neccessarily be divided 50/50. Illinois is not a Community Property State. That means that Credit Card Debt...

Divorce and Social Media

What you post when you are going through a Divorce or Custody Battle can hurt you!In this age of social media where we like to chronicle our lives on Facebook or Instagram what we post can and will be used aginst us especially when we are going through a Divorce or...

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