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Child Support

Divorce and Child Support

Are you getting a Divorce and you have minor children and you are wondering whether you will have to pay child support? The answer is that depends. In Illinois, the courts look at how much time the minor children are with each parent. You might have a very generous...

Temporary Child Support Orders

Are you in need of Child Support?You may be a single parent with a newborn desperately trying to make ends meet and the Dad will only agree to buying the baby diapers.You may be going through a divorce after a long term marriage. You and the Dad or Mom have actually...

Child Support and How to Get it

Are you a Mom or Dad with children and in need of child support?This article explores how to get the most support as quickly as possible.It will be easier and faster if you know the other parent's income. All you will need is a pay stub if you don't have a tax return...

New Law on Child Support Coming July 1

The tables are out and our pens are ready. As of July 1, 2017, the State of Illinois will join the majority of states in this country adopting the Income Shares Model for Child Support.A previous blog addressed in general terms what the new law may look like. Now we...

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