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Child Custody

Change in your Custody Agreement

Do You Need a Change in your Custody Agreement? Children grow and their needs change. Parents change jobs. Work schedules change. You may have had a Custody Judgment entered when your child was a toddler and now he or she is in school. That schedule that worked before...

Child Custody and Covid 19

Courts in Illinois Counties are largely closed to the public with some exceptions but that doesn't mean that if the parents have a Child Custody Judgment or Allocation Judgment and Parenting Plan, they can refuse to send their child for parenting time with the other...

Emergency Change of Child Custody

When is a situation so bad that you need an Emergency Change of Child Custody?Let's say your ex or soon to be ex posts images on social media of him or her partying with friends drunk or high when your child is present or your child comes to you covered in bruises....

Alcohol Abuse in Child Custody Cases

I would say that at least 1 and 4 child custody cases I encounter involve alcohol or some other substance abuse. These cases are difficult but they are especially challenging when children are involved. The right to parent is a constitutional right but the children's...

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