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Divorce and Child Support

Are you getting a Divorce and you have minor children and you are wondering whether you will have to pay child support?

The answer is that depends.

In Illinois, the courts look at how much time the minor children are with each parent. You might have a very generous parenting time schedule but the kids live with Mom. The courts will look at how many overnights your minor children actually spend with you.

If you do have to pay child support, child support is no longer based on a strict percentage of what you earn. Instead, under the Income Shares Statute, the courts take both of your combined incomes into account and determine how much each of you should contribute based on the percentage of your earnings to the combined total.

For Example, say the two of you earn a combined total of $125,000.00 per year. You earn $75,000.00 and she earns $50,000.00. She also pays $200.00 a month towards their Health Insurance Premiums, then you might have to pay $378.74 a  month or $262.12 a month towards child support and $116.62 for your contribution towards heath insurance for your kids.

This could also be reduced if you are paying alimony or maintenance or you are paying child support for other children.

Child Support is complicated. Consult a Legal Professional. We at Gabrielle S. Davis, PC would be happy to assist you.

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