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Quick Divorce

How do you get a Quick Divorce in Illinois? Is that even possible?

Yes. First see how much you can agree on. The more the two of you can agree, the sooner you can get divorced. Start with the basics.

If you have children, where will they live? Will the two of you be sharing custody? Can you agree on a parenting schedule?

You will also need to know how the two of you will be making decisions that will affect the future of your children. Who will decide how and where they will be educated? Who will make Medical Decisions for them? What about their Religious Upbringing and Extra-Curricular Activities?

Next, you will need to consider financial matters. Separating into two households can be expensive and stressful. Both of you may feel like you are heading towards a financial cliff.

If there are children, one of you will most likely will be entitled to child support but how much depends on your parenting schedule and your relative incomes. Is it 50/50? Are the children with one parent more than 146 nights a year? Under current Illinois Law, this will greatly affect the amount of child support owed. You may agree on child support in principle but you most likely will need a Legal Professional to sort out how much you will have to pay and for how long.

You will need to divide Marital Property. Who gets the house or condo or do you need to sell and split the proceeds? Can one you afford to keep that house or condo and buy the other one out? Can you do that immediately or do you need to set a deadline say when the children graduate high school? You will also need to divide your Retirement Accounts unless each of you decides to keep the Retirement Accounts in your individual names.

Finally there is debt. You will need to divide that debt. If there are loans such as mortgages in both names, you will need to refinance those mortgages immediately or at some specified time in the future. You will also need to figure out how to pay off the credit card debt or simply agree that each of you pays off the credit cards in your own individual names.

A quick divorce is possible in Illinois. At Gabrielle S. Davis, PC, we can assist you in hammering out agreements quickly and efficiently to obtain the Quick Divorce you both deserve.


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