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Putting Your Kids’ Needs First in A Divorce

Divorce is a difficult and messy process. It is even more so when children are involved. How can you put your kids’ needs first in a Divorce?

Unless there is child abuse, do not try to isolate your kids from the other parent. Remember they need both a Mom and a Dad in their lives. If the other parent has always been a constant in their lives, you do not want to try to take that away.

Consider a parenting schedule which maintains as much contact as possible with your children but one which will not wreak havoc in their lives. For example, even if you have a shared parenting arrangement, you would not want your kids sleeping in a one house one night and another the next night. Consider a schedule that gives them as much stability as possible so that they can look forward to being in Dad’s House and Mom’s House.

Consider a parenting schedule that respects their schedules as well. Maybe your kids are in sports. They may need to not have overnights during the week and switch homes which would disrupt their sports events and practices.

Be creative. Would one week on and one week off with a dinner in the off weeks work for them and for the two of you or would a more traditional schedule which has the children with one parent during the week and then spending alternating 3 day weekends with each parent work better for everyone?

As much as possible, create a schedule that maximizes your kids’ time with each parent and does not have the children with a parent when he or she is away at work and having to use a babysitter.

You can do it! you can fashion a parenting schedule that takes to account your kids’ needs and allows both parents to maintain an important presence in their lives.

We at Gabrielle S. Davis, PC in Oak Park and Oak Brook, Illinois can assist you in this process.


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