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Temporary Monetary Restraining Orders

Divorce and Money! The more court appearances you have in a divorce case the more expensive it will be but even in the most straight forward cases, you may have to get temporary relief from your divorce judge to prevent your spouse from draining assets.

Money is always an issue between married couples but it becomes even more so during a divorce or leading up to a divorce. When the marriage is falling apart, your husband or wife may begin transferring funds to individual accounts. He or she may want to stockpile funds because of the uncertainty of how much the divorce will cost or simply out of fear of what life will hold without the marriage no matter how toxic it is. Another more straight forward reason is that he or she may want to avoid sharing those funds as as a result of the divorce.

What can you do when you notice that your spouse is making unusual transfers and withdrawals from bank accounts or even retirement accounts?

You can ask for a Temporary Monetary Restraining Order. Restraining Orders are not just for protecting you from physical harm or stalking. They can be used to prevent the draining of savings or hiding of assets during a Divorce.

That Restraining Order will prevent your wife or husband from transferring, withdrawing or otherwise disposing of accounts that were acquired during the marriage. The Restraining Order should be tailored to accounts that you will not need for your day to day expenses. It should not, for example, cover checking accounts that each of you need to pay day to day expenses.

We at Gabrielle Davis, PC are happy to assist our clients when they need Temporary Monetary Restraining Orders.

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