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Change in your Custody Agreement

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Child Custody

Child Custody

Do You Need a Change in your Custody Agreement?

Children grow and their needs change. Parents change jobs. Work schedules change. You may have had a Custody Judgment entered when your child was a toddler and now he or she is in school. That schedule that worked before just does not function anymore.

Think about how the parenting schedule needs to change.

Flexibility in the parenting schedule is especially needed during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Many children are attending school only online. If the kids are young, someone has to be available to assist them.

You may have had to change jobs and your work schedule has changed. That is another valid reason for a change in the parenting schedule.

Approach the other parent. See if he or she will agree to an amendment in writing. If not you can ask the Court to your Judge to approve the changes that are necessary.

What other changes may be necessary?

Maybe the other parent is not allowing you to talk the kids when they are in his or her care.

If there was not a provision in your agreement allowing regular phone contact, there needs to be.

Maybe your child has developed special needs and needs special assistance in school. Then you are entitled to know about that.

There should be a provision in your Custody Judgment that states you are entitled to school records at all times.

These are just a few of possible modifications you may need to your Custody Judgment, we at Gabrielle S. Davis, PC serving Cook, DuPage and Will County would be happy to review your Agreement to determine if Modifications are in order.

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