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Visitation and Parenting Time in the Covid 19 Crisis

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How do parents handle Visitation and Parenting Time in the Covid 19 Crisis?

Divorced or unmarried parents need to follow Visitation and Parenting Time during the Covid 19 crisis but they also need to be flexible.

What if one parent gets sick or there is an elderly person in one parent’s home? 

Visitation needs to continue during the Covid 19 Crisis but concerned parents will need to be flexible. They need to consider the well being of the minor children and if following the Visitation Plan completely might expose the kids to the Virus, they will need to be flexible. If one parent is unwilling to be flexible and the other parent has strong concerns that following the Visitation or Parenting Plan to the letter is not in the kids’ best interests, he or she can bring an Emergency Motion. 

Children must continue to be transported for Visitation and Parenting. That sort of travel is considered essential even if parents can no longer exchange at school, a park or a library. They may need to modify the pick up and drop off arrangements despite the Court order. They might, for example, agree to pick up and drop off curbside in front of their respective residences. 

Parents need to be flexible and commuicate!

Child Support is also creating a strain in these uncertain times. People are losing their jobs. Some parents are seeing their entire unemployment checks going towards child support. If a person is seeing the State take their entire unemployment check go to child support, they need to bring a Motion.

Keep in mind, however, that Stimulus Checks count as income so that if one parent receives a Stimulus Check and owes child support, he or she owes support from that check. 

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