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Joint Custody in Illinois

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2020 | Joint Custody

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Do you want Joint Custody of your kids in Illinois? What does that mean?

Joint Custody in Illinois means sharing taking care of your kids and sharing decision making in major decisions involving raising your children. You want to share decision making on religion, your kids’ education, medical matters and their extra-curricular activities.

Whether you are divorced or unmarried, you rarely live with your kids 24/7. If you have Joint Custody, that means that you share taking care of your children as much as possible. 

Joint Custody in Illinois means taking care of your kids’ nutritional needs, managing their bedtimes, attending to your children when they are sick or injured. Our Illinois Custody Law even mentions the right to play with your kids and making sure that they get to their extra-curricular activities.

You want to be involved in transporting your children to and from school and their other activities when you can. If you have Joint Custody, you may at times be responsible for making sure they do their homework. Outside of school, you will want to know who their friends are and encourage them to have friends.

When it comes to their wellbeing, you can insist on helping choose your kids’ doctors and other healthcare providers. You can insist on the right to be at your children’s doctor’s appointments and you definitely should be informed as soon as possible if your kids are injured or suddenly fall ill and need emergency care.

If you are both working, you can ask for joint decision making on your childrens’ before and after school care.

Any Illinois Joint Custody Agreement or Order must also give both parents set parenting times with their children. Joint Custody in Illinois does not necessarily mean equal time but both parents are entitled to a set parenting schedule that is practical and meets their kids’ needs.

Contact an attorney to assist you in getting Joint Custody in Illinois. We at Gabrielle S. Davis, PC with offices in Oak Park and Oak Brook, Illinois would be happy to assist you in obtaining a full and fail Custody Judgment. 

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