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Five Steps to Obtaining a Collaborative Divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | Divorce


Here’s how. The two of you have decided to divorce. It is just inevitable. You both have friends who have spent their life savings duking it out in court. Is there an alternative?

Yes! Consider a Collaborative Divorce.

Step 1. Find an Attorney who practices Collaborative Divorce. In a Collaborative Divorce, each one of you is represented by a Lawyer who has been trained in Mediation and the Collaborative Divorce Process.

Step 2. Determine if you need a Financial Expert. If one of you owns a business, that business may need to be valued. It is considered marital property unless it was inherited or started before the marriage or you had a pre-nuptial agreement. Even you don’t want to be compensated for that business, its income stream may need to be evaluated in order to determine just how much the other spouse makes. In that case, you will need a Financial Expert or a “Forensic Evaluation”.

Step 3. Decide if you need a Child Specialist. This could be a Child Therapist who is willing to assist in the Collaborative Divorce Process to help you figure out a Parenting Plan and whether you will share decision making on the important areas of your child’s life, religion, medical treatment, education and extra-curricular activities.

Step 4. Complete Budgets and Summaries of what you own and what you owe with your individual Attorneys.

Step 5. Once you have completed your Budgets and Summaries and obtained Reports from Financial Experts and Child Specialists, if any, you will have a series of meetings to fashion Agreements that can form your Judgement for Dissolution of Marriage.

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