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Can I get More than Child Support in my Illinois Divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2019 | Child Support

The answer is yes. You are entitled to much more than child support!

1. Child Care Expenses. If you have young children and they are in day care, the court can order your soon to be ex to contribute to at least half of your kids’ day care expenses. This is true even if you have a private babysitter or a relative watching your children. What you must do, however, is provide written invoices of the day care costs on a regular basis. 

2. Medical Insurance Premiums. Both parents are required to contribute towards the Health Insurance Premiums for their children. This can include not just the cost of major medical insurance but also, for example, visual and dental coverage.

3. Uninsured Medical Expenses. As we all know, insurance covers less and less these days. Your soon to be ex can be required to pay half or some other percentage of the medical bills that your insurance company refuses to pay. This can include not just “medical” bills but also, for example, bills for therapy, braces or eyeglasses. 

4. College or Vocational School. In your Illinois Divorce or Custody Dispute, your soon to be ex will be ordered to contribue to the costs of sending your kids to College or Vocational School. How much he or she will be required to contribute will depend on both of your financial situations when the time comes.

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Make sure that you get all you are entitled to in your Illinois Divorce or Custody Dispute. You are entitled to more than just child support.We at Gabrielle S. Davis PC will fight for your rights and the rights of your kids to get all of the financial support they need even if their parents are splitting up.

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