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Divorced Illinois Dad Ordered to Pay College Expenses

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2019 | Divorce

Have you gone through a divorce or split from the father or mother of your kids?

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Recently, an Illinois Dad was ordered to pay for his son’s college even though he never agreed to his son’s choice of school.

It is common knowledge that the cost of college is astromonical. Interest rates on student loans have gone up. Not only are students drowning in debt but their parents are as well. Moms and Dads often take out loans themselves or with their children to finance their kids’ higher education.

Recently, an Illinois Judge ordered a Divorced Dad to help pay for his son’s college expenses even when the Dad disagreed with the choice of schools made by his son and his Ex-Wife.

Under Illinois law, a parent has a duty to help pay for the college or vocational expenses of his or her child even if that parent is estranged from his or her son or daughter.

Parents have challenged this provision of our Divorce Law as unconstitutional because it treats couples who are married differently then it treats divorced parents but that constitutional argument has been thrown out time and time again.

The list of expenses courts can order divorced parents to pay keeps growing as well.

He or she will have to shell out for not only tuition and board away from home but even reasonable living expenses of a college or vocational school when the kid is living with the other parent and attending a community college. That includes gas or the cost of a train ticket and even a portion of utilities and food.

At Gabrielle Davis PC, we assist Dads and Moms who are divorced or never married with children to obtain the fairest split of college or vocational school related expenses.

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