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Four Tips to Make Your Divorce Mediation a Success!

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2019 | Divorce Mediation

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My firm practices Divorce Litgation every day but we also practice Divorce Mediation. Many people who are contemplating Divorce want to avoid a pricey court battle and try to mediate their differences. Here are Four Tips to make your Divorce Mediation a Success!

1. First and foremost have the right attitude. If you walk into your first Divorce Mediation with a mindset tht the two of you are just too far apart then mediation will fail. Think positive but keep in mind that both of you have to be motivated. If one of you is absolutely determined to block your divorce or split then unfortunately Mediation will fail.

2. Know your issues before you mediate. Do you own real estate? Is dividing the house or condo going to be a problem? Maybe one of you wants to keep the house. Maybe the other person thinks it needs to be sold. If the house or condo is sold, can the two of you agree on how the sales proceeds should be split? 

Does your spouse want maintenance or spousal support?

What about child support?

These are some but not all the issues that you may need to mediate.

3. Know your financial situation. Gather your tax returns, bank statements and retirement statements as well as credit card statements. You will each be asked to fill out “Financial Affidavits” which are summaries of your budget, the money you have in your bank, stock accounts, retirement accounts and your debt which can consist of credit card balances or otherwise.

4. Most importantly be ready to compromise. Mediation is only successfule if you are willing to meet each other halfway.

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