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Joint Custody Explained

On Behalf of | May 5, 2019 | Custody

So often clients insist that they want Joint Custody but what does that mean?

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Most Divorce Judgments with minor children have Joint Decision Making but there are exceptions. 

What if you are a nurse or doctor? You might want to have the final say in medical matters.

What if the other parent lives across the country or out of the U.S. altogether?

Is Joint Parenting really practical in that situation? Maybe or maybe not. It might depend on how well and how often the two of you communicate.

What if the other parent has a severe substance problem? His or her addiction may be so severe, that it is in your kids’ best interest that you have the final say although you could agree to keep the other parent in the loop about important decisions involving your kids.

But what about the amount of time you get to spend with your kids after the divorce? You most likely want as much time as possible. 

How does that get sorted out?

Well if the two of you live near each other, equal time might be a possibility. Some parents agree to one week on and one week off or say a three, two and every other weekend schedule. 

For Joint Custody and a Shared Parenting Schedule to work, however, you have to commit to being civil towards the other parent in front of the kids and when making those important decisions involving your children. For many divorcing couples that is tough especially at first. At Gabrielle Davis, PC, we try to guide our clients in reaching the best agreement for their kids and for themselves. 

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