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Uncovering Lies about Income in Divorce Cases

Unfortunately, people lie quite often in Divorce and Child Support Cases about how much money they make. 

Here are 4 tips for getting at the truth if you suspect this is happening.

1. Get Tax Returns for 5 years. Maybe the two of you have been estranged for a long period of time. You always filed separately. Make sure that you and your attorney get copies of Tax Returns with all Attachments for the past 5 years especially if your husband or wife is self-employed. He or she may be purposely earning less planning for the inevitable. 

2. If your spouse is self-employed and/or is a partner in a business, the form K-3 can be especially helpful.

3. Your lawyer can also send out formal form questions and a lengthy request for documents which can benefit you incredibly.

4. Once you have documents like a bank statement, you can use the account numbers to subpoena records. Records Subpoenas are very helpful as well in getting work records. For example, you might be suspicious of a pay stub showing absolutely no overtime when your husband or wife always made overtime in the past. 

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When someone is lying about what they earn in a divorce or child support case, it can be a real problem. At my firm, I know it is important to be aggressive about getting at the truth. You have to have records of what your spouse is really making in order to get a fair child support or maintenance award.