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Divorce and Social Media

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2019 | Divorce

What you post when you are going through a Divorce or Custody Battle can hurt you!

In this age of social media where we like to chronicle our lives on Facebook or Instagram what we post can and will be used aginst us especially when we are going through a Divorce or Custody Battle.

Divorce and Social Media.jpg

Likewise, we all like to text but text messages can be saved. Your texts can show not only extreme hostility between you and your former partner but also that the anger between the two of you is so intense that you are really unable to have joint custody and raise your kids together after you have separated.

Texting can also show a pattern of bad behavior beyond substance abuse and hostility. Repeated texts from your ex stating that he or she will not be picking up the kids as scheduled or holding them longer than agreed upon show unwillingness to follow the agreements or court orders in place. You can use those text messages to show the Judge that maybe the other parent should have less time with the kids or that that other parent doesn’t care what the Judge ordered in the first place.

On the positive side, you can also use text messages to show that you are the one who tries to involve the ex in decision making involving the kids and who does not flame out at every provocation that he or she throws at you.

Here at Gabrielle Davis, PC, we try to help you put the best face forward and sift through the posts and texts that may help you!

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