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Shopping for a Divorce Attorney? Five Questions to Ask!

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2019 | Divorce

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Here are five questions to ask the Divorce Attorney in that first interview:

1 Will he or she help to keep your kids safe and in environments that nourish them both physically and emotionally?

2. Wil that Divorce Lawyer help you identify your rights to certain properties that are important to you such as the house or retirement accounts?

3. Will the Lawyer help you discover what your soon to be ex may or may not be hiding in bank accounts or elsewhere?

4. Will he or she first attempt settlement?

5. If settlement fails, will that Divorce Attorney fight for you in court?

Although you want a Divorce Attorney who will not run up the bill, you also want a Lawyer who will fight for your rights and ensure that you won’t end up on the street with no assets and no means of supporting yourself or your kids. You also want an Attorney who will help make sure that you are not paying so much to your ex that you have no quality of life or an ability to provide for your kids when they are with you.

When you interview that Divorce Lawyer, pay attention! Is he or she listening to you or talking over you?

Is he or she bluffing, pretending to take a hard line but likely to back down when push comes to shove?

Remember trust is the most important thing in the attorney client relationship.

At my firm, I want anyone who walks through that door to feel trust that our interactions are truthful and that whatever strategies are explored are with you and your children’s best interests in mind.

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