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3 Major Divorce Concerns

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2018 | Divorce

There are 3 top concerns people have in divorce situations.

First and Foremost is money. You have legitimate concerns on how you are going to make it on one not two salaries after the divorce. You need to know how much you have been living on. Look at your tax returns for the last few years. How much has your spouse been making? How much have you been making? If you will be with the children more than 50 % of the time and your spouse makes more than you, then you could be a candidate for an amount of child support that will help you. If you are the higher wage earner and you always encouraged your wife or husband to stay home with the kids, you could be on the line for paying spousal support or maintenance. 


 And of course a second very important concern is the kids. The goal is to foster continued healthy relationships for them with both parents. You need to work out a parenting schedule which serves their best interests not necessarily your own concerns. For example, you may want to see your kids every other day but that could be extremely distruptive for them. Always try to think about what is best for the children.

Third, you will be concerned about where you will live post-divorce. You may not be able to continue to live in the home you have resided in with the soon to be ex and the children. If not, then you may well want to look at where you can move to keep the children in the same school district. You will also want to look at where the soon to be ex will be living. Often the further you live apart, the greater the strain that can place on transporting the children and on their parenting schedule with the other parent.

I hope this helps. Make sure that you have an attorney who will help you address these concerns before and during the divorce process.

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