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Child Support and How to Get it

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2018 | Child Support

Are you a Mom or Dad with children and in need of child support?

This article explores how to get the most support as quickly as possible.

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It will be easier and faster if you know the other parent’s income. All you will need is a pay stub if you don’t have a tax return or W2. If you don’t have any of that documentation, your lawyer can subpoena the employment and payroll records. In my practice, I find that the subpoena is a powerful weapon and it is relatively cheap. The only disadvantage is that there is usually a 28 to 30 day turn around.

If the other parent is self-employed, a smart lawyer will demand his or her 1099 forms that he or she is required to file with the IRS. If mom or dad owns a business, the “K 1” Form is very informative.

Besides child support, you are also legally entitled to contribution to the cost of insuring your kids. You will need to know the cost of medical, dental and vision insurance for the little ones. You can take the total cost of your out of pocket costs for insuring the kids and simply divide by the number of total family members covered and then multiply by the number of your children.

Once you know the other parent’s income and you and your lawyer have calculated the cost of insurance for the kids’ alone, you are ready to make the child support calculation. As an added benefit, you can also factor in the cost of contribution to day care expense and add that in as well.

So at that point to make the final calculation, you and your lawyer put the numbers in the tables provided for by the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services or other software. Your income must be included and the calculation as to what percentage each of you owe to support the kids is made.

Hope this helps. At my firm, we strive to assist families in getting the help they need in the already stressful time of divorce or break up.

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