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Child Custody and Motherhood on the Run in Illinois

On Behalf of | May 13, 2018 | Child Custody


It’s Mother’s Day. A time to celebrate but here is a word of warning. The rules governing child custody are changing in Illinois and elsewhere. More and more women are losing custody of their children. This is a very noticeable trend and this blog will attempt to ascerrtain why.

Most men who come to me still complain that the courts tend to favor the mother when it comes to child custody. I tell them that is changing. 

There are five predominant reasons certain moms are losing their kids:

1. They lack the financial means to support them. If a mom is surving solely on child support and not working, the courts consider how that affects the kids’ standard of living.

2. These moms constantly bad mouth the father. This is important. Children need both parents. When a mom says critical things about dad to the children’s face, the kids feel put in the middle of the conflict and they can act out in unhealthy ways.

3. During and after a high conflict divorce, certain moms may try to prevent the dad from being involved in the kids’ day to day lives such as being able to contact their teachers, doctors or coaches. The courts tend to sympathize with a father who doesn’t want to just be a “Disneyland Dad” and sincerely wants to be involved in the kids’ education, healthcare and extra-curricular activities.

4. These moms consistently won’t let the kids talk to their dad, email their dad or otherwise communicate with dad while in their care. 

5. They might even try to thwart dad from seeing the kids during his regular visitation or parenting time even though he has a right to do so.

I represent men and women and I tell both sides to concentrate on being good parents and to keep the kids’ best interests paramount to avoid a really disastrous result in court.

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