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Divorce and the Holidays

Divorce and the Holidays.jpgYou are in the middle of a Divorce and the Holidays are fast approaching. With Christmas and Hanukkah around the corner, here are 5 tips to keeping the magic in the holidays for the kids.

1. It is especially important not to bad mouth your soon to be ex during this time. The kids want to be happy. They want a normal holiday season. Go out of your way to do the opposite. It may be difficult for you but praise the soon to be ex.

2. Emphasize to your children how much fun they will have with him or her during this time. Try to get the kids excited about spending time with him or her.

3. Let the kids know what to expect. When will they see dad or mom. Make a special holiday calendar.

4. Try to follow the same rituals you have always followed. If your extended family always celebrates on Christmas Eve than, that should remain the same whether or not you are divorcing. This is a point you should insist on. If your soon to be ex has always taken the kids out of state to see his or her family, then you should allow it absent extenuating circumstances say you can't trust him or her behind the wheel.

5. Be flexible. You may have to wave goodbye to the kids on Christmas Day so that they can travel with your soon to be ex to see that extended family. That may be difficult for your emotionally but beneficial for the children. You may have to have Christmas Eve dinner earlier in the day or later to accomodate your soon to be ex and his family. 

We all dread divorce and the holidays. This is a difficult time but try for the kids' sake to keep the holidays as stress free for them as possible. 

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