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Six Tips for Divorce Over Sixty

It is the new year and statistics show that many people file for Divorce in January having waited out the holidays before "dropping the bomb".  But what if you are over sixty and want to divorce? What are your special considerations?

Gray Divorce.jpg2. Understand your options with Social Security. Don't assume that your individual Social Security Benefits will cover your household expenses. Seek the advice of a professional well versed in the application of Social Security Benefits or at least go to the official Social Security Website which can be very informative.

3. Know your healthcare options. You may be covered by your spouse's insurance benefits but upon divorce your coverage automatically ends. 

4. Seeking a divorce after a long term marriage and dealing with an uncertain future can be very anxiety provoking. Consider seeking professional counseling to help you deal with this additional stress.

5. Look closely at your desire to hold onto the house. Sometimes it might be better from a financial standpoint to let it go.

6. Consider changing your will or estate plan sooner rather than later. I have personally seen tragic consequences when older or ill individuals focus on getting through the divorce without updating their estate plan which they are legally entitled to do at any time.

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