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Month: January 2017

January is Divorce Month

January is Divorce Month. A number of people file at the start of a new year once the holidays are over and the kids are back in school but they need to get their financial house in order before filing and by that I don't mean paying off every single credit card...

Four Financial Tips Before Divorce

There are Four Important Things you need to do before Filing for Divorce!1. Close Joint Accounts. Close all joint checking and savings accounts. As soon as you file, your spouse may well out of spite or fear empty out your joint accounts and once that money is gone it...

Six Tips for Divorce Over Sixty

It is the new year and statistics show that many people file for Divorce in January having waited out the holidays before "dropping the bomb".  But what if you are over sixty and want to divorce? What are your special considerations?2. Understand your options...

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