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“Child Support” Goes Beyond High School With Kids In College

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2016 | Child Support

Are you going through a divorce? Worried about how you will pay for your kids’ college expenses once “Child Support” ends?

The costs of higher education are skyrocketing. Many of us put ourselves through school back in the day when college was a fraction of the cost it is now. 

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What can you get your ex or soon to be ex to contribute to?

1. Tuition and Fees capped at the cost of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the same academic year.

2. The actual costs of your child’s housing whether he or she is living on or off campus capped at the cost of a double occupancy room for the same academic year at U of I Champaign.

3. The actual costs of your child’s medical expenses, including medical insurance and dental expenses.

4. The cost of books and other supplies (think laptop) necessary to attend college.

5. Up to 5 college applications, 2 standardized college entrance exams and one standardized college exam preparation course.

Even if your child is living at home and attending community college, you are entitled to the reasonable cost of your child’s food, utilities and transportation.

A lot to think about. If you have any further questions about  your entitlement to contribution to college expense, you are encouraged to contact a family law practitioner familiar with the Illinois Statute on Divorcing Parents’ Obligation to contribute to their children’s post-high school education. 

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