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Your Cheating Spouse! Is Divorce on the horizon?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2016 | Divorce

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No one wants to believe their spouse is cheating on them. No one wants a divorce. What are the signs that your spouse is cheating?

1. She is suddenly really concerned about her appearance. You notice that she is bringing home a lot of new clothes and make up. She is spending more time preening before the mirror. She is dressing up more when she goes out. If she is spending way more time with her looks than she used to, there is a possibility she is trying to impress another man.

2. Your credit card balances shoot up. Your spouse may be foolish enough to charge dinners out with the girlfriend on jointly shared credit cards or maybe you get a glimpse of statements in his name. (Keep copies of these statements. You may need them if your divorce.)

3. Your spouse seems to make more and more excuses about longer and longer absences from the home. Often these absences are after work or at night.

4. Your spouse isn’t interested in being intimate with you. He or she appears more and more detached from you and the kids like they are home in body but not in mind.

5. He or she receives and makes anonymous phone calls.

6.  Your wife or husband quickly puts the phone away or blackens the computer screen when you enter the room. He or she may not want you checking the phone or search history.

7. He or she never leaves their phone lying around unattended.

8. There is a history of deception. Maybe it happened even before you got married. Maybe there was that affair at work that he profusely apologized about and swore would not be repeated but the same furtive behaviors are resurfacing.

9. You find signs of deception in his or her clothing. A receipt for jewelry or flowers is in his or her coat pocket. There is the telltale lipstick stain on his collar or a hint of men’s cologne on her clothes.

10. Someone tells you what is happening. It could be the ex-girlfriend or it could be a neighbor. It might even be a facebook friend.

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