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Secrets and Lies and Child Custody Denial

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2015 | Child Custody

What happens when you discover your spouse is leading a secret life? How can that affect Child Custody?

By now everyone has heard about Jared the Subway Frontman who is about to be sentenced for crimes related to child pornography. Who would have thought?

No surprise that his wife his divorcing him. She no doubt is thinking about child custody and even whether Jared should have unrestricted access to their children. Although there is no evidence that Jared did anything inappropriate with his kids, his lack of judgment and the showing of impropriety no doubt raises questions as to whether it is safe for the minor children to be alone with him. A court may determine that he is only entitled to “Supervised Visitation” with a third party present to ensure that he is not inappropriate to him or the Court may decide that after a period of time and treatment it is safe for them to see their dad in an unsupervised setting.

 As for “joint custody” which in Illinois will be now be known as “allocation of parental responsibility”, his wife may question his ability to decide issues involving non-emergency health care, the choice of extra-curricular activities, religion and educational matters.

Trust has also been broken so it may be difficult or impossible for her to actually work with him on issues involving their minor children. She would most likely push for sole custody or to be the sole decider of those important issues in their children’s lives.

There are other secret lives that effect marriages and the wife or husband’s relationship with their children even if they are grown up. Look at Bernie Madoff’s wife who has contemplated divorce after one of their adult children committed suicide and the other son refused to talk to her. Even when the children are grown, the revelation of an appalling secret can and will often result in divorce.

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