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Gay Marriage and The Impact of the Supreme Court Ruling Nationwide

Gay Newlyweds.jpg

The Supreme Court’s Landmark Ruling legalizing Gay Marriage throughout the United States has Far Ranging Impact!

Now gay and lesbian couples can adopt their wives or husband’s last name. DMVs in states where gay marriages were outlawed will be overrun with requests. Couples will be able to make life and death decisions for their partners if they are incapacitated and make far more mundane choices like whether to apply for a family membership at the gym.

Adoption will be easier nationwide since many states outlawed couples adopting unless they were married.

Of course, if those marriages fall apart, divorce is now an option everywhere.

What about filing taxes? Yes now gay and lesbian couples can file jointly.

What about medical insurance? Yes now gay and lesbian couples can qualify for family plans everywhere.

Then of course there is the issue of social security benefits which should apply equally to gay and lesbian married couples and straight couples.

It is truly an exciting time?



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