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Why you should not delay discussing your prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2015 | Firm News

More couples are signing prenuptial agreements than in the past. Prenuptial agreements can be beneficial for both parties by protecting your best interests and making negotiations easier in the event you get divorced.

As prenups become more popular, it is important for couples to understand the importance of having a properly drafted agreement to protect both parties. Prenuptial agreements can be a difficult subject to discuss, especially during the wedding planning process. However, waiting to talk about a prenup until right before your wedding can have a negative impact on your relationship as well as on the validity of the prenup.

There are two main reasons to discuss your wish to have a prenup sooner rather than later. Waiting until a few weeks or even months before the wedding could lead to serious legal implications if the prenup ever comes into play in the future.


In the event of divorce, one spouse may be able to claim the prenup was signed under duress. The court will review the specific situation and if a judge rules that it was signed under duress, the terms of the prenup could be invalid.

Another reason to discuss your wish for a prenup right away is to protect your relationship. Broaching the subject can be difficult, but waiting until weeks before tying the knot may only lead one or both of you to question the relationship and put a damper on the wedding.

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