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Individuals going through a same-sex divorce often have unique concerns

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2015 | Uncategorized

After years of legal struggles, in November of 2013, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a law making gay marriage legal in the state. The law went into effect in June of that year, affording same-sex couples in the Chicagoland area the legal right to marry. Additionally, the marriages of Chicago gay and lesbian couples who wed in other states that previously sanctioned same-sex marriage, were also legally recognized.

Today, nearly two years have passed since the first same-sex couples were wed in the state. Inevitably, with the right to marry also comes the right to divorce and the division of assets, child custody disputes and spousal support hearings that accompany the process.

Chicago residents who are planning to file for divorce, likely have many questions and concerns about the process. For more than two decades, family law and divorce attorney Gabrielle S. Davis has helped individuals successfully navigate the divorce process.

Attorney Davis understands the stress and anxiety that comes with ending a marriage. This may be especially true for individuals in same-sex marriages who have specific concerns about child custody matters.

In cases where divorcing spouses are on good terms, the collaborative divorce process may be preferable to a traditional divorce. With the assistance of respective attorneys, spouses who opt for a collaborative divorce are afforded more control over the process and often end up saving time, money and stress.

For couples who opt for a traditional divorce, attorney Davis provides strong legal advocacy and represents a client’s best interests when it comes to the division of property and child custody decisions. Above all, Gabrielle S. Davis strives to ensure she helps clients negotiate favorable divorce settlements that position them for post-divorce success. 

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