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Divorce and the healing process

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2015 | Child Custody

Individuals who are going through a divorce or who are recently divorced are dealing with many life changes. In addition to the possible changes to one’s child custody, financial and social situations; dealing with the loss of a marriage and one’s new single status can also be a difficult adjustment.

The divorce process is full of ups and downs, some of which an individual will likely continue to experience long after a divorce decree is signed. When thinking about the end of one’s marriage, even in cases where an individual wanted and welcomed a divorce, it’s normal and natural to feel sad and nostalgic. It’s by acknowledging and allowing ourselves to feel these emotions that we begin to heal and gain the insight and courage we need to move forward.

When going through a difficult time, some individuals have a tendency to withdraw and isolate themselves. While carving out alone time for self-care and reflection can be beneficial, it’s also important to accept or reach out for help from supportive family members and friends. Whether an individual wants to discuss his or her feelings or simply engage with others in social activities, it’s both therapeutic and healing to be around other people who can provide love, support and a healthy diversion.

Even the strongest and most composed of individuals is bound to suffer from the stresses of dealing with divorce issues like child custody and the division of property and assets. Above all, individuals going through a divorce should have self-compassion and realize that healing takes time. 

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