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Is filing for divorce your New Year’s resolution?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2015 | Child Custody


As Chicago-area residents welcome 2015, many have likely resolved to make positive changes in their lives this year. While the traditional New Year’s resolutions associated with losing weight and exercising are likely on the minds of many, a recent study indicates that for a significant percentage of married parents, divorce may also be top-of-mind.

It takes a lot of commitment and hard work on the parts of both spouses to maintain a marriage and many spouses struggle to remain happily wed. According to the results of a recent study, those couples with children appear to especially struggle with some 25 percent reporting to “secretly thinking of divorce” and, according to divorce attorneys, January appears to be the month when many unhappy spouses act on these thoughts.

The months of November and December are full of family gatherings and obligations that leave many people feeling on-edge and drained. For individuals who are not happy in a marriage, spending extra time with a spouse and extended family members may serve as the impetus to finally file for divorce in the New Year.

Others may have arrived at the realization that a marriage must end after discovering over the holidays that a spouse is having an affair or that his or her drinking problem is destroying the family. Whatever the case may be, when a parent has made the decision to file for divorce, it’s important to keep a child’s best interests in mind when delivering the news to a spouse and proceeding with a divorce.

Above all, kids should be allowed to be kids and should not feel overly burdened or stressed by their parents’ divorce. While the divorce process often stirs up all sorts of difficult emotions, it’s critical that divorcing parents set aside their own negative feelings towards each other and work to provide an environment in which their children feel secure and loved by both parents.

Source: Daily Mail, “One in four parents is secretly thinking of divorce, shock study finds – and today’s the day they’re most likely to do something about it,” Thomas Burrows, Jan. 2, 2015

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