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Divorce and Child Support

Are you getting a Divorce and you have minor children and you are wondering whether you will have to pay child support? The answer is that depends. In Illinois, the courts look at how much time the minor children are with each parent. You might have a very generous...

Domestic Violence

Do you reside in Illinois and are you a victim of Domestic Violence? Governor Pritzger recently signed new Law giving you more protection. A new Statewide Commission has been created with a goal of reducing the number of people killed as a result of Domestic Violence....

Dividing Marital Debt in Illinois

That Divorce is almost final but the two of you share debt. You might have a mortgage, consumer loans or credit cards held in both names. You might also have credit cards in your own individual name that you used during the marriage. Are you supposed to shoulder all...

Change in your Custody Agreement

Do You Need a Change in your Custody Agreement? Children grow and their needs change. Parents change jobs. Work schedules change. You may have had a Custody Judgment entered when your child was a toddler and now he or she is in school. That schedule that worked before...

Illinois Legal Separation

Do you want a Legal Separation but are not ready to file for Divorce? Illinois Law was changed in 2016. You can now get a Judgment for Legal Separation in Illinois which will give you more of the benefits of Divorce but not certain key provisions. Here are the pros...

Covid 19 and the Divorce Courts

The Pandemic has upended life as we know it. How has it affected Courts hearing Divorce and Custody Cases?In a big way. Some Courts remain physically shuttered until early July of 2020 which is true in Cook County, Illinois which encompasses Chicago, Illinois and...

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