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Oak Park IL Divorce Law Blog

Dividing Marital Debt in Illinois

That Divorce is almost final but the two of you share debt. You might have a mortgage, consumer loans or credit cards held in both names. You might also have credit cards in your own individual name that you used during the marriage. Are you supposed to shoulder all...

Illinois Legal Separation

Do you want a Legal Separation but are not ready to file for Divorce? Illinois Law was changed in 2016. You can now get a Judgment for Legal Separation in Illinois which will give you more of the benefits of Divorce but not certain key provisions. Here are the pros...

Visitation and Covid 19

The Covid 19 Pandemic has changed our lives as we know it and caused massive confusion as to existing Visitation Agreements. Many parents question whether they need to follow prior Visitation Orders in light of the crisis. They also don't know how to escape Domestic...