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Results Driven Representation for Oak Park, Area Clients

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In the end, it's all about results. No matter how friendly, how well intentioned or how supportive the attorney you hire is, if he or she does not work toward fulfilling your needs and expectations, then you are likely to be disappointed.

I am focused on resolving your case from the moment we begin the discussion about your family law or divorce. My practice is committed to being open, responsive, compassionate and informative - that is a part of what I mean when I say I am a true advocate for clients.

I know you are relying on me to get results for you. From day one, that responsibility drives me to fight for your interests.

What Do You Want From Your Lawyer?

Different people have different expectations surrounding their divorce or other legal concern. No two cases are alike, because the people that make up the cases are never identical. The practice of law, whether in divorce or any other area of practice, requires a keen understanding of the law and ability to empathize with clients. To be an effective lawyer, I need to be:

  • Experienced - With more than 20 years of experience working with clients in and around Chicago, I know how to negotiate and litigate disputes successfully, and I have the track record to prove it.
  • Thorough - Miss something, and it can change the entire outcome of a case. You need an attorney that will take the time to understand your situation, appreciate your goals and gather the resources to go after them.
  • Focused on Results - People don't spend money on a lawyer that will not fight for them. While I am completely committed to providing outstanding service, I want to get results for you.
  • Empathetic - Divorce can be a traumatic and painful event. While I am aggressive and focused in negotiation and litigation, I take time to guide my clients with a sympathetic hand.
  • A True Advocate - As your attorney, I am on your side without fail. I will keep you informed, involved, educated and prepared throughout the case, and I will work tirelessly to guide you through to the end.

Do you need to protect significant assets during the property division phase of a divorce? Is custody of your children the most important issue? Are you interested in mediating a marriage dissolution agreement? I adapt my approach and practice to best work to accomplish your needs and goals.

Call me today at (708) 358-0901, or contact my Oak Park office online to schedule a free in-office consultation to discuss your case. Take advantage of my flexible scheduling options that work around your calendar. Most major credit cards accepted.