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Our Practice Areas

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There is no easy way to describe what your divorce experience will be like. People walk through…

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Children’s Issues

Once parents decide to end their relationship, how it will impact their children becomes a primary…

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Property Division

Questions of property division can be among the most diverse and most complicated of a divorce…

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Spousal Support

Having an experienced family law attorney is important when it comes to spousal support…

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Post-Divorce Modifications

A divorce agreement is designed to meet the needs of individuals…

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Prenuptial Agreements

Frequently there is a practical necessity to take reasonable steps toward protecting assets…

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Restraining Orders And Orders Of Protection

Restraining orders and orders of protection can play a significant…

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Grandparent Visitation

In some situations, the mother or father of a child may not be in the best interests of the child…

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Protecting Your Interests And Developing A Plan For The Future

Divorce and marital separation are among life’s most stressful events, trailing only the death of a spouse or child in many psychological studies. When we meet with our clients for the first time, many of them are struggling emotionally, facing financial hardship and anxious about what the future holds.
With an informed and sensitive approach, attorney Gabrielle Davis helps clients develop a comprehensive strategy to protect their rights, achieve their goals and develop a long-term plan for the next phase of life.

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Effective Solutions Reached Efficiently

Property division and parental issues can become contentious in divorce. Gabrielle Davis is a skilled mediator who often helps her clients resolve disputes without the need to litigate.

Meet Our Attorney

Gabrielle Susan Davis
The Law Firm of Gabrielle S. Davis, P.C. will help you reach fast, focused and fair results through settlement or trial. Gabrielle Davis handles all aspects of family law from divorce to adoption, custody and visitation issues to paternity cases and child support.

Personal Attention And Experienced Advocacy

At The Law Offices of Gabrielle S. Davis, we bring a sensitive and caring approach to divorce and the difficult decisions that must be made when a relationship ends. Gabrielle has more than two decades of experience assisting clients with family law issues in Greater Chicago.
Our commitment to our clients means you will work directly with Gabrielle throughout your divorce. She will take the time to learn your objectives in order to tailor a legal strategy that is designed to achieve them. Gabrielle is candid and honest with every client, helping to set realistic expectations and offering all possible solutions to every issue. She provides frequent updates so you know where your legal matter stands at all times.

Put Our Experience On Your Side

As a family law practitioner serving Oak Park, Oak Brook and the greater Chicago area, including Cook, Will and DuPage counties, Gabrielle Davis provides a number of important legal family services for her clients. Put her experience to work for you by calling us today at 708-628-5102 in Oak Park or 630-206-4812 in Oak Brook, or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation.