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At the Law Offices of Gabrielle S. Davis, we understand our clients usually come to us during a great time of need in their lives. Many are suffering with emotional distress, financial hardship, and difficulties in their marital situation resulting in a number of related anxieties due to marital strife. With an informed and sensitive approach, Attorney Gabrielle Davis helps her clients work toward a stable solution.

Divorce Attorney

Divorce proceedings can be very emotionally trying, causing a number of financial hardships. When faced with finalizing a divorce and working toward an outcome, you want to make certain your rights are fully protected. As a divorce mediation lawyer in Oak Park, Gabrielle focuses on providing strategic advocacy techniques on your behalf throughout the divorce process.

Child Custody Lawyer

Whenever you and your partner have made a final divorce decision, children are almost always intimately affected. Child custody along with visitation options must be made related to the best interests of the child. Attorney Davis can help identify your objectives, and articulate these needs to the court. Our solution typically involves spouse negotiation and agreement regarding both support and custody.

Collaborative Law Attorney

At the time of final marriage dissolution, there's always the complex and difficult task of property division. Even without significant assets, disputes sometimes exist regarding real estate, savings accounts, debt, and retirement programs. Attorney Gabrielle Davis has experience mediating financial interests in such cases, and as a knowledgeable child support attorney she can address any child support concerns you may have.

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As a family law practitioner serving Oak Park, Oak Brook, and the greater Chicago area, including La Grange and River Forest, IL, Gabrielle Davis provides a number of important legal family services for divorce clients. Put her experience to work for you by calling us today at (708) 358-0901 in Oak Park, or (630)-684-2290 in Oak Brook.